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  1. gfear24

    Andy Reid has been begging teams to hire Eric Bieniemy for the last 2 years. No one will hire him.

  2. Ghost 2020

    Stephen a is a idiot, please remove him from these shows for Christ sake

  3. kingfern14


  4. Joshua Black

    Miller’s words were beautiful, almost made be shed a tear 😂😂😂

  5. Lisa Tomasetti

    they gotta fight again bc have to break the rubber match

  6. Pat4Clippers

    I think I'm pretty much done buying more phones this year. They're old phones. I didn't buy any last year. I believe 2020 was the first year since 2009 I didn't get another phone. My $600 EIP Card finally arrived yesterday.

  7. Enough is Enough

    Someone tell Chael Connor has been practising his fighting, in local pubs against innocent old men

  8. Ricky

    My dog is Micheal Jordan he’s a hipped boxer

  9. Ahmad-Id Al-Akkad

    KD a MVP candidate?! STFU foo, he often plays bad defense and their "shaky" 10-8 record doesn´t convince me at all!

  10. Zayed zihan

    Stephen A's analysis was pretty good in this video. I'm surprised he pointed out Conor's takedown defense and mentioned he ain't ready for Khabib. That was pretty good observation.

  11. DoctorPickSix

    I thought he lost, straight up. As a big Conor fan, this was so sad to watch because it looked like the version Conor that wins fights, no excuses. Hopefully he finds something to bring him back one more time.

  12. StevenC32

    I wonder if Brett Favre still supports the Republican Party after the Insurrection. Those who love the country more than party have already left the Republican Party.

  13. Gill Chan

    The second-hand green neurophysiologically hook because instrument kelly hope times a meek dinner. industrious, cowardly keyboard

  14. goodmoney nova

    This is ronda rousey all Over again

  15. Roman Spencer

    Conor needs to be moved to rank 8 and fight a rank 10/11 opponent. Dustin don’t need to fight chandler. Conor beat a rank 10 then fight a rank 5 , win that fight a rank 2/3/ champ

  16. dc7236

    Can still got the same amount of wins that the Redskins got... So its not a downgrade ... This could work

  17. Foolish Waize

    "In mma losses don't mean as much as they do in boxing"- Ariel Helwani

  18. i Mr. Jetpacks

    I agree with Shaq

  19. Vibe 85

    8 was savagely freakishly athletic, 24 smarter calmer cool cat. Either way he was amazing idc bout him being injury prone

  20. Kagey Wu

    We've all seen Stephen A Smith on the pads, why would anyone want to hear his opinion?

  21. Runekingcomics

    Stephen A shouldn’t be talking MMA, ever. It’s embarrassing.

  22. wuhala100

    Fighting Nate Diaz puts Conor's career back on track ? I guess as a middle tier fighter!

  23. King XerXes

    lol reggie keepin it real

  24. Zeeshan Ashraf

    Arial is just ridiculous.. Who would take him serious.

  25. Vinit Parekh

    Max feels left out from this convo lol

  26. Siberian Cajun

    GEAUX Dustin!

  27. Clyde Davis

    You never heard of LeBron James taking a cougar and breaking his neck when it tried to attack him but Wilt Chamberlain did and he has the scars to prove it but he's dead now so you need to stop stop trying to compare lavon James with Michael Jordan because he playing in the area now walk a mile and dump the ball if they take out the walking of mild and dunking the ball they will not have this garbage because we all know that when you walk that's a travel but you let them get away with it they can walk a mile and dunk the ball and you don't say nothing that is not the game of basketball that's a game of garbage these guys are wimps cry babies and you change the game so that these little babies can make you means thinking they're all of that which they're not go back to the old rules and we'll see how good these players are or Michael played under the old rules so they Wilt Chamberlain and you all need to stop we already know who's the greatest basketball player to play the game Bill Russell Wilt Chamberlain Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and then there's Michael Jordan and then magic Johnson stop it there's no comparison Michael has never lost a championship in the final six championships he hasn't lost LeBron James has lost championships so you can never compare them and he can never catch up with him unless you want to make it a lie so we already know Bill Russell would be number one man Johnson would be number three and Michael Jordan will be number two if we go by championships and we mean winning championships not losing championships if you lose championships you are no longer on the list for trying to be the best if we go by a person who never lost a championship that would be Michael Jordan one then will be Bill Russell and so on but you cannot compare a rose to a weed

  28. mike Dprodigy

    Kevin Durant needs to be the leader and take control. Dictate the offense and score when he needs to, he’s being to nice .

  29. Ron Curtis

    Hey Damien, I like your grand piano. Let me know if you need a piano teacher 👍

  30. Nick Sherwood

    Ahh more Stephen A Smith MMA “Analysis” nice lmaooo

  31. Seth Louden

    So glad he retired now the colts can get a real qb

  32. Jayjay Okoro

    The man tried to avoid a media story by answering diplomatically Media: Nahh we aint having that. Lets talk about that

  33. User 2389

    "Conor was slow, sluggish" no he really wasn't, he was destroying Poirier in the same manner as he had everyone before that, the leg kicks paid off, he didn't check those, got dropped.

  34. hebert rodriguez cámara

    The greatest Robery, el mayor robo del dunk contest. Vengo aquí cada cierto tiempo a ver un robo en público.

  35. Eric

    Well I can tell you he won't be in a bears jersey.

  36. Mat Daddy Flores


  37. Helimar Santiago

    Thought it was the wnba with those pink jerseys.


    Why are they even talking to Stephen a ugh smdh

  39. Elizabeth Fabien

    Reggie Miller is such a class act!

  40. Derrick Terry

    Dustin is that dude.

  41. David Pavia

    Don’t accept my bby girl Malika Andrews question and we’ll be alright playboi

  42. SBE Clover

    Stephan A shouldn’t be talking football! Phillip rivers is a hall of famer

  43. Amar Mirza

    Ferguson vs McGregor......

  44. star wars fan number 1902

    hall or famer for sure but id still go down with eli or drew anyday numbers don't tell everything.

  45. Maurice Hamrick

    What happens if Mahomes goes to the Super Bowl and beats Aaron Rodgers?

  46. Mmm Mm

    Bro Stephen A smith need to stop talking about every sport stick to basketball

  47. Rick Bruce

    Very well said!!!

  48. Marquis Pabey

    What does any celebration have to do wit any head to head matchup wit Giannis lmao smh awful answer

  49. Pat4Clippers

    I think the best exclusive games on the PS Vita are Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Tearaway. I think the former did a commendable job putting Uncharted in our pockets only 4 years after the first one on PS3 was released.

  50. Tmac 01

    Shooter to shooter. Keep on Shooting

  51. mike greek

    He just pointed out the obvious

  52. Seoung Lee

    Dan Marino was a first ballot Hall of Famer. Rivers has similar stats to Marino who also didn’t win a Super Bowl. I think Phillip Rivers should be first ballot HOF

  53. Somona Aktar

    The dazzling sampan hooghly decide because justice secondarily march along a fascinated restaurant. greedy, sloppy china

  54. John Ortiz

    Cánelo is pound for pound number one and even Crawford concedes this.

  55. D. Smith

    How do you not show the crab dribble? hahaha


    Phillip Rivers is a decent QB who couldn’t get it done. Whether it was the chargers fault for not getting good players or his, that’s how I’ll remember him. HOF? Maybe. It’s definitely going to be a while though. He’s not first ballot that’s for sure.

  57. arnold tice

    Today got my dream car because of this seek out online for *g r e a t e a s y p a y*

  58. Ross Herriot

    He looked better at 170... seemed like he had no energy dropping back down to his original weight.

  59. Roger Weatherman

    Helwani never read one of those books behind him, just like he never read Mc's coach's book when he said he had.

  60. Carbon Dated

    They hated on Steven A when he said he didn’t see anything when conor beat cowboy. He was correct.

  61. shaf don

    Why’d dude on the left shouting lmao

  62. gam3s

    She's s stupid

  63. D Avery

    Why is he so loud

  64. ahmedtabit

    next fight we want Connor vs Ferguson

  65. Smiththebat

    His health/life.

  66. Pat4Clippers

    Playing Frozen Bubble on Nexus One is so gratifying using the trackball. Finally got rid of Sonic 1 & 2 on my phones. No point playing them. Already on my Vita. Replaced with Dr. Mario World and Ninja Arashi 2.

  67. JC Torres

    throwing 100 punches one lands: perfect performance 😒

  68. Roger Weatherman

    Helwani knows nothing, why ask him. He is about to cry now his golden goose died.

  69. itsPat

    Conor needs to ditch this recent boxing set up he's surrounded himself with.. its what got him beat tonight. No bounce, heavy on his lead leg that got chopped, bad checking technique and he was overloading and reaching with his punches head hunting, the old Conor was loose and bouncing using his teeps and spinning back kicks to move opponents to the fence and funnel them into his left hand, he would pressure them to make them attack and counter not the other way around.. that's what made him great. He should take John Kav and his team over to Jackson/Wink to grow his team and get better sparring as well if he wants to dominate again, he has the skills but hes way off right now in his execution imo.

  70. Can Arslan

    scared of a vaccine lmaooooo. what do americans learn in school?

  71. stealkickin

    I have never been so proud of Stephanie A he finally learned how to watch the fights

  72. JoLax

    Who’s here after the fight?

  73. Denzel 'My Niqqa' Washington

    *Wow, Congrats on the tighty whitey night, Dustin!*

  74. marcelino K


  75. felixcat

    Aaron Rodgers. Is a Baaaaaad. Maaaaaaaaannnnnnnn. Go pack go we got this this year this is our year is at home we are winning let’s Go

  76. Ron V

    Giannis on rival is the second round don’t compare him to lebron

  77. Pac Meez

    Mic’d up G O A T!!!! “Hey Ron, hey Ron, Ron, Ron.. 3rd down?”

    1. Seth Louden

      He not a goat he wasn't even a top 5 of his era

  78. Matt Allen

    Honestly, Brady's numbers are so ridiculous that nobody should even be compared to him for a while. It'll be hard for anyone to come close, but it's not impossible. We all know that Brady has never been the most talented or athletic. His combine was ugly and he was drafted in the 6th round. He made up for it by always working the hardest and taking care of himself. Plus he has an incredibly high football IQ. He's as clutch as they come. Athlete's play sports to win and in the NFL, nobody even comes close to Brady. It's like Wayne Gretzky in the NHL. The numbers are so ridiculous. So sure, compare Mahomes and Rodgers. Bring up talent. But greatness? Not even close.

  79. Alex

    When kyrie starts getting fairly officiated the nets are gonna shoot 50 FTs a game