Did Michael Jordan make the right choice by drafting LaMelo Ball to the Hornets? | First Take


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    Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Jay Williams weigh in on whether Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets made the right choice by drafting LaMelo Ball with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.
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    1. LBJ Durant

      Best pick but poor choice of getting Borrego as headcoach

    2. Think Outloudd

      LaMelo is the best rookie.

    3. Keith Williams


    4. PLR 88

      Lamello come to The Warriors 🌉

    5. PLR 88

      I wish Lamello played for The Warriors! If he leaves The Hornets he should come to The Bay and let Chef Curry show him the way , groom him and give him the legendary touches early. That would be DOPE!

    6. PLR 88

      Lamello is Jordan’s greatest draft! Sometimes it takes time to learn something new. Melo is pure gold 🏆

    7. PLR 88

      I’ve been watching the ball brothers from Day 1. Lamello should be a 99 in NBA 2K. He should be starting every game.

    8. Callie Williams

      The parsimonious desert hisologically hook because arrow karyologically obtain athwart a intelligent worm. wrong, old-fashioned dibble

    9. UK Boxing Blogger News

      Big shout out for lavar, we'll said Stephen A. The hating needs to stop

    10. Valerie Jackson

      Melo trying to be humble don't mess with his..please

    11. Samuel Mahmud

      Owner Jordan made the right pick give lamelo a chance to grow/develop🏀💯

    12. Benjamln Lewis

      Can they keep bringing him of the bench?

    13. jessie hewing


    14. Gary Andrews

      "Melo Magic "

    15. Kirk Morris


    16. Isaiah Majka

      I have been watching this kiddo since he was 14 and very proud of him! I just hope the NBA doesn’t change them. They all are very quiet and well manner young men. Why it threw me on Gelo but we all make mistakes and I think Gelo has paid the price and them some! I will aways love all 3 of them! Go Team Tina Ball and her husband lol 😂😜🤪 jk Mr Ball

    17. pukafish

      Love watching this in 2021 after LaMelo pulls off a triple double. Max is way off! Hahaha.

    18. Dtrixx X

      Who else hates molly

    19. Ryan Kuffel

      1 month later... he’s a star

    20. McKing ML

      It's scary when his in the full potential and on his prime and add some Muscle man,His gonna be a Triple Dub Machine🔥Starting to broke records in just ten games off the bench unreal🔥🔥

    21. SD Tracy Harper

      Detroit has made a mistake that will (has) hurt them in their pocket.

    22. Mista YG

      lamelo just hit the first triple double and is the youngest player to ever do it.. yea MJ did well lol

    23. angelo cacchione

      10 Games in and already breaking world records at the age 19 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    24. Jason Ryan Whitecap

      Lamelo haters lol. Good pick Jordan.

    25. Horace Brumfield


    26. Feti mazi

      Lamello ball is good player but he not chance to have atletic force to be lebro n as young ,but lebron is best of M . j and durant longnly best of M j . not interested have titles have when you have pipen and kuko¢ . it kleare why jordan didn't champ at washington wizards :

      1. Leafy Peach


      2. McKing ML

        Cause the year he went to Wizards he doesn't care about winning he want to help people that came on his 2 year contract he just want to play.Thats the real 🐐

    27. BK Devil

      at lease they still making more money then him

    28. BK Devil

      why he hating

    29. Technically

      ESPN and First Take haven’t done a video on Lamelo since they post their initial hate videos about his draft position and his 0 points in first game. Smh they won’t even acknowledge his success how much they hate Lavar and to be wrong.

    30. Mario Maturin

      What about now ?You see yesterday's game 1-9-2020. Youngest player in the NBA with a triple double... Only thing broken is your reporting lol...Numbers don't lie triple double! Jordan just got him an all star and future MVP. I'm calling it. Lamelo has the most passion for the game on any court in comparison to any player but most importantly is his path to the NBA and my friends thats what makes the man dangerous. Knowledge,Passion,Appreciation = He Got Game!!!!!

    31. H Rod

      Yes yes he did

    32. Olhead Youngbul

      Melo out there Ballin’ literally

    33. Jimmy Davis

      The way he's playing now, Jordan made the right decision. 👍

    34. Syco


    35. Mini Surf

      I was hoping he dropped to the Knicks😩😩😩 i would have picked him first!!!

    36. Johnny Gringo


    37. Orange Chicken

      Here after his triple-double 👀

    38. Naisa

      this guy must look stupid now

    39. Riv & Reb

      Here to apologize and eat my words. Have at me Melo lovers, I bashed this kid for 3-4 years. Said he'd never make it and be a bust because of his shot. I was wrong

      1. Alux Spanks

        Nice owning up to it!

      2. Lt Brook

        Kids a baller real cool kid love watching him play he's different. He is box office

      3. J Wood

        @infinityprodinc the reason why he was seen as a bad shooter was because of shot selection, he’s taking better shots.

      4. Kabelo Mohale

        Lmao should really stop hating especially the media

      5. infinityprodinc

        I didn't expect him to be this good at shooting. His passing skills were always legit.

    40. Vince Neil


    41. Lyn&Lloyd Vlogs

      Greatness see greatness.💪🏻🏀

      1. Lyn&Lloyd Vlogs

        @McKing ML precisely 😉 but he has a long way to go bro, he just need to play the game the rightway🏀

      2. McKing ML

        Great Player plays for the Greatest of all time 🐐

    42. SadBoys 1996

      who's here after Lamelo broke the NBA record for the youngest player to record a Triple-double?

      1. Knathan Knathan

        He’s the perfect rookie ever since when Jayson Tatum came into the league

      2. Feti mazi

        @John Guyi proving any time that . i'm not american but king of king in all world is lebron , It is easy cleveland never give fulll love lebron to win titles i and you and jordan nknow that Lebron have many way of pointing . i wrote it' easy way why jordan in wizards he no getting ni y play up .shut up and dont belive jordans jokeing .takeit easy from Mazrekaj ,Kosova Lbj ,Lbj

      3. John Guy

        Prove them doubters wrong

      4. TG SOLID


      5. jermerio sloan

        I am

    43. In His Glory Inspirations


    44. Simrin Anand

      This aged well.

      1. Etc Jr


    45. Bermuda Bryson

      Melo probably going to be a superstar in the league soon. If he keep playing the way he playing.

    46. iKnowEverything

      He needed a pg and melo was pretty much the best he could get. Mj coices history as an owner is bad... But u think melo can be a great player.

    47. chima inwere

      How is he the greatest Athlete in the History of world Sports? Loud American Sports Presenters at it again!!

    48. truck driver

      Yall cra then cra now Alonzo shot looks great n so does Melo. Chuch

    49. Maxikickz

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    50. Boitumelo Phenya

      Guys what happened to cody zeller

    51. eco8gator

      Daddy Ball - "Neva Loss"

    52. Jonathan Borders

      Jordan did a good time with this young hornets team

    53. Jonathan Borders

      This did not age well lmao

      1. Riv & Reb

        Youngest player to get a triple double, I think he'll be an all-star

    54. LuSco Jad

      22 pts with a Block n a wet 3 pointer smh You can’t be serious talking down on this kid

    55. Blake Rohan

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    56. Simon Wang

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    57. Not On A Diet Dani

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    58. Keshawn gzz

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    59. Ruthie Yates

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    60. Chris Banks

      I love to see Max and Stephen A eat their words time and time again. If their job depending on them picking good athletes, they would not have a jobs. Facts.

    61. UrbanSipfly

      So far, it appears that MJ made the right call drafting LaMelo!

    62. pamela angela

      The outrageous epoch willy explain because bowl largely wriggle until a warm flax. undesirable, good astronomy

    63. Alex Diaz

      Yes he did! Yah gave his brother all seasons to prove something, so stop it.

    64. Yoni Martinez

      The unadvised rugby systematically whisper because computer impressively blot near a protective fog. spotted, kind duck

    65. Chema Elsword

      The tasteful city mainly continue because camera conspicuously concern failing a loud acoustic. impartial, moaning friend

    66. Boss G

      2001: Kwame Brown 2006: Adam Morrison 2020: Lamelo Ball

    67. Trishal Saini

      The statuesque file cytopathologically tap because icon culturally add below a spooky spain. damp, loutish aftershave

    68. evan griffith

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    69. Jeth Smith

      Lamelo is one gifted athlete, it's just a matter of grooming him to hard work and gain winnings!!! Max you will eat your words, MJ will become a champion business owner!!!! Let's go Hornets!!!! 👌👍💪😎

    70. Geovanni Viteri

      Jay Williams is just an awful commentator in any topic of Basketball,oh and hes all over LBJ Ballz Sack ! Lmao

    71. E W

      lamelo will be rookie of the year... he was the best in draft regardless what everybody else resume look like.

      1. teddymlgdawg

        Imo james wiseman is the best out of the whole draft

    72. Rob Baker

      Max is a joke

    73. DMac740

      This is aging well 😂😂😂😂.

    74. DMac740

      Max is hating this is the first pick he's got right sit down and close that steam 🚂 pipe Max hot air lol broken Jump shot and not athletic lmao.

    75. sam gordon

      Hater Max

    76. Aqulis Bell PhD

      Hes already proving you guys wrong..Lamelo is a straight killer

    77. Seth Guevara

      Why don’t they say top 3

    78. Nyne rays

      Someone please!!!! Do a special effects video on Max looking like Count Dracula from the Brooklyn Bridge background!!

    79. Tee Off

      Melo about to average 8, 8, & 8

    80. smyzo

      If you wanna win, no. If you want a bunch of groupies from the trashest generation that has ever existed? No.

    81. B Sherwood

      Max always sounds like he’s been eating peanut butter.

    82. LGM ENT

      Everybody who subscribe to my page I’ll cash app $100 right now I promise just drop cash app under my video if you support me I will support you not that much money but that’s all I can afford

    83. Nehemiah Mendoza

      Let's all be honest it's not about how good you are some times it's about the people you know that's life in general

    84. Y2 D2

      If you wanna sell Tickets you can't go wrong with the Ball Brothers.

    85. Tom Smalls

      How does the greatest player of all time a blackman I remind you has the worst team in the league but can sign the best guys for shoe deals smh think 🤔 about it

      1. Stefan The Best

        He doesn’t have the worst team

    86. Rashard Stallworth

      The New York Knicks blew it last year they should have traded for Zion and this year they should have traded for LaMelo

    87. Rashard Stallworth

      As bad as Stephen a Smith has hated on this family I'm surprised he didn't say lamelo was 6'1"

    88. Rashard Stallworth

      When you hear people like Max speaking on the mellow ball it is obvious that he has not watched any games. Lamelo is an excellent defender and he can score from anywhere on the court lamelo shot suffered because he grew from 5'10 to 6'8 in 2 years. once he gets used to his body he'll be back to scoring like he used to when he got 92 points in the high school regulated game

    89. Rashard Stallworth

      Michael Jordan did not draft lamelo ball Mitch cup check drafted lamelo ball Mitch come check the general manager.

    90. Rashard Stallworth

      LaMelo ball is the reason why they will be playing on national television and international television this year. Lamelo played professionally in Australia and in Europe. With his dad's big baller brand they went to China and they went all over the world selling those products at pop up shops so this young man is a global brand before he ever stepped on an NBA court so Michael Jordan could not have drafted anybody that would have brought more attention to his team than LaMelo ball in this draft. The question is will the coach do the same thing that the pelicans did and end up getting himself fired like Dale demps did

    91. Boner San

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    92. Jessica Edwards

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    93. Adarsha Shah

      0:25 0:45 when you learn a new word so you try to use it every two seconds

    94. The Buzz Inc

      Michael Jordan a true Aquarius lol

    95. Weezy

      If max kellerman is black he will be kicked out of the espn office

    96. Ed May

      There's more to it than just play, you gotta think about the income man drama breeds money. It also breeds Trouble but more money. Lol

    97. dark jedi master

      Mj just pick lamelo to 1 vs 1 lavar

    98. Pratap Malla

      These guys said samething abt doncic

    99. Kyle Sunderman

      Anyone else notice that the Hornets' new logo, oddly, resembles the Bulls' logo?... Is Jordan trying to summon the success of the '95 Bulls?! Who knows. What I do know is that I like it. What I don't like is what I saw when I dropped my Bulls hat on the ground the other day. As it lay, upside-down, I noticed a robot. I looked closer to see a robot reading a book. Is this some sort of soft-disclosure for a future state of machine learning?... Creepy