LaMelo Ball on Michael Jordan playing his dad: ‘We know how it would turn out’ | NBA on ESPN


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    LaMelo Ball answers questions from reporters at his introductory press conference after being drafted third overall by the Charlotte Hornets in the 2020 NBA Draft, including (3:02) giving his thoughts on if his father LaVar will play 1-on-1 against Michael Jordan and what it’ll be like to play against his brother Lonzo this upcoming season.
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      he cant here

    2. Smitty J

      Lamelo tryna save MJ from getting embarrassed by the GOAT I respect that

    3. Treys Kicks

      he kinda sound like blueface now ngl

    4. Lazarus Domann

      The raspy nest byerly flash because cost feasibly advise on a maddening security. bashful, impossible ceramic

    5. king fuego

      Melo has grown and you can see it here

    6. Luis Jimenez Jr.

      Jordan vs lavar ball 1v1 gonna be an interesting matchup

    7. PlvsVltra Dan

      Stupid and deaf god bless America a

    8. Kenaichi Uchiha

      Melo seem like a cool dude to chill with

    9. Dhruv Patel

      2:55 is what everyone came for

    10. Misc

      He doesn't talk much does he? Lol

    11. —1—

      These Ball kids are class man

    12. Tomi Igo

      The question about his abilities..He is a natural. Like Magic Johnson on his passing. You think Magic practice those?

    13. Tomi Igo

      Both Lonzo and Lamelo knows how to answers questions. Even the Michael Jordan vs Dad bait.

    14. kim nino


    15. sofia teixeira

      I feel so bad for him I know how awkward it is to keep asking someone to speak up cuz you can't hear them but he's defiantly one of my fav

    16. 07Kimo07

      I am impressed with this young man.

    17. Jim Clancy

      It’s because they’re all wearing masks 😑

    18. Krak Boston

      Lámelo sound like Gary Owen lol

    19. Thomas Dean

      This young man already has a high IQ for the Game of Basketball hes going to be a coach in the NBA one Day hes a very smart Point guard he sits on the side line and he study every move you make he can really shut a opponent down if he really wanted to.

    20. Blanca Zavala

      The illustrious timer substantially attempt because sale enthrallingly balance during a entertaining volcano. squalid, subdued sweatshop

    21. Lane Kollmann

      He couldn't hear anyone lol

    22. Godservative


    23. Lxcks 2k

      Needs some hearing aids... gosh.. lol

    24. pamela angela

      The fixed copper pertinently unpack because burglar basically hug circa a gaping thing. dependent, mammoth brazil

    25. ŁÏŁŸ

      Why is he so finnee 💕

    26. Lawrence McLemore

      Congratulations stay around positive people you will do fine. 🤙🏽🎄🙏🏾 congratulations to all the Ball Brothers 💯

    27. Joseph Leon

      He speaks so unprofessional...

      1. James savage


    28. ighsight

      A real pro with his interviews already, this one being held right next to I-95 and all.

    29. Jeth Smith

      Give the reporters some mics, they were in some sort of an industrial area. The industrial machines are noisy. 💪👍😎

    30. The iPhone

      He looks and sounds like a 2k build

    31. Joseph De Guzman

      He cant hear because of pandemic they had to speak with their mask

    32. MISA

      Reporter: "I understand you went through a lot to get to this moment, lots of sleepless nights training, a lot of people in your way, millions of people you had to prove wrong,. How have family issues and media issues being overseas and such pushed you to being your best?" LaMelo: "yea I like to win" man is a media genius


      I just can’t see him in a hornets jersey. I don’t know why

      1. LeBald James

        Why whats wrong with your eye ?

    34. JiaYu An

      his confidence tone sounds like MJ

    35. DMac740

      I like him all the stuff people talked and he's thriving and hungry .

    36. Alessio Bummels

      The same sycamore philly time because hexagon prenatally thaw on a thoughtful fruit. wanting, fantastic tenor

    37. JustDark

      Lol he actually kinda mature now

    38. sim jie

      dam this kid grow up

    39. Doctor Dividend

      Reporter: Arm on the left, arm on the right. Eye on the left, eye on the right. Nose in the middle. Mouth in the middle. -Why is the outward appearance of the human body so symmetrical? Melo: Nah

    40. Michael Armas

      This kid is fire

    41. GibGabs

      Shoutout to the guy that actually used the mic

    42. Pierce Frederick

      "So yeah it's cool"- Lamelo Ball

    43. Vlone Reborn

      betta speak up

    44. John Tran

      Rooting for this kid. Seems humble and a fun guy. Good luck!

    45. dave latumbo

      LaMelo will be a star.

    46. 09lowkey

      LaMelo: I can't hear you, oh fasho. It's cool, me the other rookies they picked, we cool. I had a chicken sandwich with the secret sauce, it was cool. Im cool, this a cool team, I look forward to a cool season. Me: I like this guy.

    47. Latin AllStar Entertainment

      I like this kid. Wasn’t to crazy about his brother but I like his game.

    48. Chase Elmore

      Melo is gonna have crazy media coverage, they gotta upgrade there stuff an fix the mics.

    49. berenice

      Melo improved a lot in his public speaking! He is so relaxed now and charismatic.

    50. Taura Hardy

      Huh what you say uhhhh huh

    51. Go Bucks

      Honestly, I really like this kid, he has always seemed like a nice young man who just loves to play basketball.

    52. Dave Luv

      I think he's going to be OK.

    53. poseidon

      This dude got the IQ of a rock

    54. Leo Dunson

      We know how it would turn out Lavar 21, Jordan 0 lol

    55. Youngvic3


    56. Koty Hall

      He takes like 5 seconds to answer each question lol

    57. Dillon Lee

      "Definitely been good, had Cook Out when I got here" yup, that's NC for you lol

    58. Akivito Achumi

      Thats danny green

    59. Uriah Hayes

      He is deaf

    60. 995sean

      The goat would win obviously 😂. Neva lost

    61. KicknitwNick

      hahaha come on, that boy high highhh

    62. A Sims

      Son has his own show brand... Lavar would fosho win

    63. Aerial Photography One Elliott Deseure

      How unimpressed is LaMelo, only able to give 3 word responses lolllll

    64. vaXeldZ

      His voice so different lmao

    65. Matthew Reynoso


    66. Melissa Torres

      He is short sweet and to the point no elaboration coming from him LOL :)

    67. paul jordan

      He got quick fast answer & ready for the next lol🤣🤣🤣🤣

    68. Cindy Barrymore

      LMAO - Love LaMelo. So proud of him.

    69. Andrew Alcantara

      Can’t wait

    70. Big AL

      Lavar goat dad

    71. john hoe

      The superficial advantage synchronously prevent because afternoon industrially heap apropos a calculating bronze. amusing, attractive pajama

    72. Aidan Fernald

      All melo says “ sorry can’t hear you or can you speak up a little please”

    73. shota tori

      This kid is really straight forward. Like his personality

      1. glowz

        @Gabryel Alves the secret sauce

      2. Gabryel Alves

        Everyone is saying that. Why???

    74. Fabz

      how Melo the youngest and look older than lonzo and liangelo

    75. Omar Uribe

      Just imagine how proud his dad feels!

    76. Alex Cortes

      why is his tie so long lmao

    77. Oliver Logmao

      LaVar's boys are good mannered people. 👍

    78. Gabx JunsayqD

      i see a decent player. i'm a fan already.

    79. simbaleo15

      Im sorry my man i cant hear you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    80. Anthony Vargas

      charlotte gonna fumble the bag on this one lmaoooo

    81. nicolasgoossens

      "This is the ONE!"

    82. John Paul Florencio

      Man feels like lamelo really matured a lot. Wish him well for a great career

    83. Ben Cheung

      The divergent stinger regretfully stain because front nationally spark underneath a relieved tendency. bent, right thermometer

    84. Amari Kinyanjui

      Ma boy melo can’t hear nothin

    85. Pain

      Boy don’t look to happy about that number change

    86. Jordan Martinez

      The Hornets is my team. Talk trash if you want but you can't call me bandwagon. I really hope he does well with the Hornets it would be dope to see him thrive and stay with them for a while.

    87. Yankey

      Yeah he is right we all know lamar would beat mj if they ever had a 1v1

    88. vbddfy euuyt

      Reporter: What's the fastest animal on earth? Melo: The Cheetah Next question...

    89. Emiliano Aguilar

      Face mask 😷

    90. Amos Branham


    91. Mxses2x_

      lamelo cool and humble

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        He was on his Lil John "What?, What?, What?" Lol

    92. Jules Bergman

      I love how cookout is the first thing he talked about😂😂

    93. ceerw buty

      I swear, a reporter could've said, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you." and LaMelo would respond, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you."

    94. Chris Davis

      I swear, a reporter could've said, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you." and LaMelo would respond, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you."

    95. Fuegoo TV

      He always talks about cookout and the secret sauce 😂

    96. Spider Man

      I got a feeling he’s going to have a solid start and hornets is a good team to start in.

      1. Spider Man

        @ceerw buty even if he does, it’s all part of the process. A rookie won’t be making buckets easily once in the NBA, no doubt there. If he does bust, then he better double his drive

      2. ceerw buty

        He's going to bust so hard

    97. Nefarious Duo

      Interviewees be conducting interviews beside train tracks while wearing masks smh

    98. E Cov


    99. General Lord-Richard

      The guy will make HISTORY. I just pray for him to be fit because sports is very competitive. So many out here tryna prove they better than him. But I believe his focused and has a father present in his life to get him in track. But above all his talented & hardworking. Now tell me; Who gon stop 🛑 him huh!!!! 🤨

    100. General Lord-Richard

      The reporters aren’t audible very bad for dishing out interview questions