LaMelo Ball's highlights show why he could be the No. 1 pick | 2020 NBA Draft Scouting Report


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    ESPN NBA draft analyst Mike Schmitz breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of 2020 NBA Draft prospect LaMelo Ball, former star for the NBL's Illawarra Hawks and younger brother of New Orleans Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball.
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    1. O T B J

      Imagine if he grew that antetokounmpo body

    2. kolton ruvalcaba

      Can't believe Julian newman didn't get drafted......lmao

    3. Mikee Jung

      Lamelo = real life Tetsuya

    4. Ab Boss

      Imma say that again, Lamelo will be the biggest top 3 bust past 5 years even more, he cannot drive, he is not athletic at all, he can't absorb contact, he don't like contact, bad Basketball IQ, he can't shoot ( I don't care what anyone have to say ) bad shot selection Lamelo is not a true baller, just a BIG NAME, just like all his brothers, that's why the pistons signed his brother for CLOUT, he didn't play a single game, cut him before the season start

      1. Clorox Bleach

        @oof o Hes a clown bruh

      2. oof o

        @Ab Boss He is a playmaker though. What factors will swing him away into a bust?

      3. Ab Boss

        @mweeisme we'll see in at the end of his rookie Contract, Jahlil Okafor was Averaging 17 points and 10 rebounds his rookie season Tyreke Evans way averaging 21 points

      4. mweeisme

        okay bro

    5. Deuante Kelly

      Who counted all ten shots that should been assist lol

    6. Luis Enriquez

      The snotty blade basically sip because bankbook possibly apologise around a aggressive gun. daily, soggy ex-husband


      8:45 Wth is he talking bout. You dont play defense when playing horse lol

    8. neW SUpApiG

      and now he is pick 3 lol

    9. PC The Ruler

      The one question about the ball brothers. Do you have heart to be great in the NBA? Lonzo took a while to get comfortable in the NBA. Let’s see if melo can be a star from the gate.

    10. ITsupportian

      remember when the lakers pick his brother Carmelo instead of Tatum....

    11. 1190 Bandz


    12. leo baes

      he need a training camp with luka

    13. David L

      This guy is 50/50 bust. Right now he looks like a poor man’s Ben Simmons and we saw what his ceilings are without a jumper.

    14. nguyen luong

      Here come the media hopping back on the bandwagon

    15. Joshx Hart

      Does anyone know what haircut Lamelo has in the thumbnail?

      1. Ayush

        Wavy Mohawk

    16. KLUTXH

      Defensive instincts were from playing horse?? 😂😂

    17. Jojan Ramirez

      lmao his team cant finish

    18. Peter Pastorok

      Definitely see flashes of Lebron

    19. Mumbles

      I hope the coverage on his areas of improvement brings a solid reality check to his ego and encourages him to work on these weaknesses rather than let them define him. He’s got a lot of unrealized potential but he has the capacity to see it through. I’m eager to see how he develops his game under Jordan’s wing and what heights he’ll be able to reach.

    20. Jud C.

      His passing is what u call a legit assist not like Lebron’s easy kick out to 3 pointers 🤣

    21. Chris Domingo

      The amount of dimes that his team mates missed is painful

    22. lul p

      It's funny to me that Lamelo taller then Lonzo

    23. Julius Beržinis

      I think he could be in a top 20 WNBA next season.

    24. Benjamln Lewis

      I'm sure Mike & Magic got 2 gether on that 1.

    25. Robert Jordan

      Самый обычный игрок, вы в своем уме - первый пик, полное не соответствие, средний игрок, позор если он будет первый номер драфта!

    26. Fredrick Paderanga

      I think Jordan vs lavar might actually happpen

    27. thirteen

      both he and lonzo are projected to be luka.

    28. Bobby Digital

      How many of those dimes these guys are going to miss? Cmon, you guys gotta hit those.

    29. Bobby Digital

      Is not a hang dribble is called a hesi.

    30. Deereal

      Look who he playing against 😂

    31. Prince Magnet

      i predict he’ll average 9.8 apg :) such a great passer

    32. Bradley Boulton

      This is a really shitty analysis. So negative.

    33. Daheixiong

      Lol like 50% of these passes his guys missed. Won't happen in the NBA

    34. gdbv GG

      Espn paid by lavar family with this bust.just being marketed by lavar.not a balliever.

    35. Justin 1

      So his weakness is defense, shooting and finishing around the GL in this NBA

    36. Sean Lawlor

      Welcome to Charlotte!

    37. BadBoyz Basketball

      "He developed his defensive instincts playing horse in the backyard". ..Wait, what??

    38. Daniel Thao

      Who's here after Lamelo just got drafted 3rd overall by the Charlotte Hornets? 😂

      1. Drvm614

        @Matthew Hohenbery wat..

      2. Matthew Hohenbery

        I predicted it Millennial

      3. Matthew Hohenbery

        I predicted it

      4. Dylan Pinatelli

        Luka too

      5. playnatethegreat

        MJ was 3rd as well. Back in the days..

    39. Zone Read


    40. Jacky Kong

      He averaged 7 assists per game which is pretty good but imagine how many he would average if his teammates could actually finish tho. smh

    41. Dreee tv

      Melo finna get rookie mvp now😤🎯

    42. sneaky

      Im here cause charlotte drafted him

    43. Gary Monaghan

      No matter what he’ll get the help he needs in the nba for what he does lack other than that he’s going to be great!!! He’s a baby he’ll learn gonna be fun to watch him

    44. KD's 4th Account

      Here after the Hornets drafted him. 😂



    46. G G

      Another ball buster lmao

    47. AB

      The amount of insane assists his teammates couldn’t finish is ridiculous

    48. Karanvir Gill

      In he NBA his teammates will be able to knock down open 3s and finish dunks. Well hopefully Kat can. He’s gonna be a great playmaker. But he really needs to fix that jumper.

    49. Anthony Long

      He just said his defensive instincts came from playing horse in his backyard. LMAO

    50. dustinjm19

      How much did Lavar pay to put out this video?

    51. jero Gaming

      I think he is ready now to be bullied by zion.haha

    52. Javier Vasquez

      Never heard someone call a hesitation a hang dibble. Smh.

    53. Deon Booker

      19%. A 1st rounder shooting 19%. What the hype is going on

    54. IFM

      Shows genius but EVERY pass is no look. NBA players will dial in not watching his eyes and switch to his arms.

    55. Bruce L.

      WHERE MY HATERS AT? I bet y’all maaaddxxx!!!!!😂🤣😭

    56. Tony Jablonski

      Detroit will make a move and take him with the 1st pick..

    57. t w

      Haha he sucks.

    58. Rommel Gungon

      There are/ will be better guards than lamelo in the NBA so why draft him at top 10. He ain't Kobe, I'd rather sign Rubio if I were GM. He's got potential but it won't translate to the NBA


      8:43 Defensive instincts from horse and 21?! Tf he on

    60. Steven Olsen

      Good job buddy

    61. Shawn Nichols

      Give him that Westbrook mid range pull up and he’s goat. The pass capability will somewhat trick defenders to play off a bit. Add a pull up and that’s unstoppable

    62. Shawn Nichols

      Okay. I’m sold

    63. F Jacks

      All Melo has to do is tell his Dad to keep his trap shut and don't make dumb comments like saying Melo is better than Lebron, like he said about Lonzo being better than Stephen Curry........yeah right!

    64. Jhon Relojo

      He'll improve more when he get to NBA

    65. Ar Jay Ae

      his teammates kinda suck. open 3, miss.. layup/dunk, can't finish..

    66. Zackary Kasprzak

      Lavar wants him in Detroit BRING HIM TO DETROIT weve done nothing except fart around in the eastern conference bottom half the last 10 years. Atleast this guy has the real potential to bring us a star. We already gutted the team for a bag of potato chips if hes on the board at 2 give gsw blake and whatever they want outside of future number 1 picks. We lost Markieff, reggie, and Andre already for nothing and Christian wood is a free agent we have nothing to lose

    67. David

      But are you gonna build a team around him?

    68. BoxingWave 1on1

      I’ll pick Melo 1st if I was the wolves . Especially if I was the warriors. Imagine if Steph gets hurt, or even just learning after Steph who is 32years old. Then even sometimes playing Steph, Melo, & Klay on the floor at the same time. Man that’ll be crazy

    69. Jordan Dean

      I think he can play defense, but he's just young, you know most young players don't wanna play defense lol

    70. Eddie Sanders

      90 points is intense at any level

    71. Withered Ventriloquist

      So? His weaknesses are his 3, his midrange, and his finishing at the rim...

      1. Brian Ford

        Those are some major weaknesses. How he gonna be able to even play. 😂😂

    72. Ferntin

      He does not have a jump shot. Did you guys know if he is already that bad now it will be worse in the NBA. He will be a horrible free throw shooter just like his bro.

    73. Nolan Mott

      his assists will only go up once he’s in the league and has teammates that can actually finish.

    74. Charles Adventures - Roblox

      except that he is not consistent on all of you have said about him.

    75. Charles Adventures - Roblox

      it's all hype just like his brother lonzo.

    76. wjlintz

      Weakness: His father.

    77. oloap sonallevoj

      Highlights Younger brother to Lonzo who is great at hype. Efficiency well hmmmm.. Let's ask Lavar

    78. Harris 05


    79. armando bello

      3 pt shooting average too low to be lightskinned

      1. Johnny King


    80. EM P

      He is so fun to watch.

    81. Zayne Osborne

      creep radiohead

    82. Matthew Hohenbery

      Pros: Great vision Instinctively aware Above average size for his position Cons: No shot Questionable shot-taking Lacks defense aggression He will go number 3 to the Charlotte Hornets, but he deserves to be a mid-late 1st rounder. The path to his success lies in his willingness to become a better shooter and floor general.

      1. Unstable Jon

        Yow you predicted it

    83. snow freeman

      outsidexbox johnlegend tfue

    84. james butler

      megan thee stallion

    85. Karina Michelle

      He should still be playing ball at the high school level... He's doing great all things considered. This is a literal child playing with and against grown men.

    86. Mike Lewis

      If he keep it up he gone shine Better keep his dad on a short leash cuzz he talk to much

    87. • iJam

      Where's Gelo?

    88. #23 Luis

      I hope that history does not get repeated for D'Angelo Russell , where a Ball family member it's drafted and then trade him.

    89. Brian Hammer

      Crazy thing about Lamelo is his game has stayed consistent as if hes still 5'2 14 year old playing with 6'6+ 18 year olds. Always having to play with people much bigger and faster growing up he had to find a way to be effective. His game is the exact same except now hes 6'6. Floaters, deep 3's, stop and go, vision, sees the play before it happens...Cons: does a little too much with the ball at times - always try to make THEE play (hes got supreme confidence), bad form in his shots (not consistent), muscle....Really all of those can be fixed though with good NBA training and experience. If he goes to GS you gotta think his development will sky rocket.

    90. Timothy Nodd

      He's trash just like his brother , just another waste of money.

    91. John Zamites

      0:42 Youngest NBL player to 10 REB? i have to be misinterpreting that right lol? like that is a weird thing to point out

    92. Lil Draco

      Melo is like the Michael Jackson of Basketball. Father leaving and let a legend take control 💯🔥🔥🔥

    93. truth spoken

      Cant help but notice his team os not winning in most clips

    94. athem vblog

      His passing look similar to LBJ

    95. Maui T

      Imagine his teammates making their shots? His assist per game will be crazy

    96. Kyle Sheffield


    97. DT NA

      Ball or bust again? We'll see, has to distance himself from that pimp dad.

    98. Barstool English

      Hmm. Learned defense playing horse...?

    99. bigpoppa 1967

      Lamelo or Deni for the Bulls.

    100. Yanis Agodor

      Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, give him your life he can change everything.