Montrezl Harrell to the Lakers is the best signing of the offseason! - Kendrick Perkins | First Take


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    Kendrick Perkins and Max Kellerman debate the best signings of the 2020 NBA offseason, with Perk choosing Montrezl Harrell leaving the LA Clippers for the Los Angeles Lakers as his top pick.
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    1. jakethesnake68

      Schroder was the biggest imo

    2. Amadou Ndiaye

      Perk is mad funny lmaoo

    3. oj matthews

      Montez Harrell is what is wrong about sports/ who told him he was like that/ I guess he's off to Golden State once he realizes he ain't that dude w/ the Lakers/ makes me 🤢

    4. Will

      Boa she too fine

    5. xxsaixx89

      Yea. The undercover comes home Pek. Mr clutch client is back with the other clients. Nice sabotaging 🤭 coup exposed.

    6. George Austin IV

      KP: “The question isn’t the biggest move. It’s the biggest SIGNING” The Question : What’s The Biggest Move Of The Off-season?

    7. Drew Sims

      Perk sometimes sides with guys who look like him and remind him of himself too much.... I agree with max montrezl is not all that great bruh.

    8. Troy Ferraro

      Perkins is just too funny the faces he be making lol

    9. Jacey Gaither

      Lakers win the off-season but Ibaka is actually a better signing than Harrell.

    10. The Notorious Michael Jackson Shakur Prime Infinite

      Perk n Max both right

    11. The Notorious Michael Jackson Shakur Prime Infinite

      Clippers need a point guard

    12. CeZb

      Im missing Marc Gasol here

    13. Lando Hudson

      2:44 is how Nate Finna be talking after that KO💀

    14. Angela Dawson

      Kendrick Perkins huffs and puffs more than the big bad wolf!

    15. Fredrick Meredith

      I like the way KP handled Max.

    16. Engr. Jessy de Castro

      So scripted. 😅 For the sake of argument. 🤦😂

    17. LBJ'sCafe

      I'm with Big Perk on this one! Montrez was a great move!

    18. Justin Humphrey


    19. Mike Wyw

      The biggest part was resigning vanvleet

    20. Patrick Barthold

      Trez is awful defender Ibaka is above average at this point in his career and offensively Ibaka can hit a high clip from 3 give me Ibaka and Luke kennard over trez and shamet anytime

    21. Sean O C

      But because

    22. Hwa Hood

      The most important move of the offseason is when perk will stop all that huffing and puffing

    23. twin twin

      Montrzell man HANDS DOWN!!!!big man who can put up 20 points a night and 8 Reb....takes a lot of pressure off lebron&puts pressure in the paint on the opposing team...wit lebron& schroeder driving the paint&A.D & montrzell torturizing the paint...we bound to get the next 2 CHIPS. LOL...🤣

    24. steve Parker

      Preach Perk!

    25. Emanuel Darce

      He’s a good good player. Wow.

    26. JOE MAMA

      He Debo the clippers lol 😂

    27. Duffys

      perk annoying man

    28. Amparo Celosa

      I am still shock right now, that christian wood's contract is much juicier than montrez... rob? Explain this.

    29. J Fly Rides

      Pelinka putting more muscle on NBA coaches than Al Capone😂😂

    30. Scott Butler

      When you think of Hollywood, you think of ONE MOVIE: Friday.

    31. Hackshaw Gaming

      whoever makes these clips needs to do better. its 2020 give us the full take or dont post it at all soo lame

    32. jeronxl

      "Trey Young and Bogdanovic may be the best scoring backcourt in basketball" Perk is off a perc looooooooool

    33. Don't reach Young blood

      Bro montrez went missing in the Denver series he was no were to seen. But I actually like him on the lakers

    34. Luka Lovric

      Harrell is trash.

    35. David Lin

      These Lakers actually downgraded their centers for no reason, stupidest front office in pro sports.

    36. quick silver

      Bam outta da bayu!

    37. valglass12

      "Lakers support bigotry and racism by signing Montrezl" .Great team, Jeanie.

    38. valglass12

      LOL at how the Lakers are signing a proven bigot, and an on-the court bigot at that, and LOL even more how all these ESPN do-gooders don't say a peep about that. How come no one is protesting or crying over the racism that the Lakers are supporting by signing someone who doesn't practice "NBA values"? We all know what would've happened had a white player said those words to a black player. ESPECIALLY Max. I mean his white-guilt is practically dripping off the screen.

    39. KC bulbus

      Trezz is the biggest free agency signing of the off season...smh Perkins tripping he be good a lot of the time but naw man.

    40. Nevon Donawa

      Charly the best signing of the off season 😂

    41. Ned Kelly

      Philly getting rid of Horford is easily the most important move. They're flying under the radar hard. Got Howard, Seth Curry and 3 time champ Danny Green. Sometimes these talking heads have the most retarded takes.

    42. Michael Huang

      The beauty of the Lakers's off season is they actually *don't* need Schroeder, Trezz, Mathews, and Marc Gasol to play their absolute best for 48 minutes of every game to repeat. IMO As a Laker fan I'm excited about these moves. Pelinka did a helluva a job and improved the roster covering up obvious weaknesses.

    43. Terry Griffin

      K Perkins really need to work on his logic and his diction. He , to me is really annoying.

    44. Easy Breezy


    45. Jimmy Thai

      No One: KP : BUBUUBCUZ

    46. Ed

      First take is a joke

    47. Zoeboy305

      I take ibaka over montrelz , montrelz can’t guard a player like jokic and can’t shoot 3s🤦🏿‍♂️

    48. poke Ben

      lebrick needs more help lol curry about to win mvp and a chip so enjoy that fake ring lebum and the LA floppers

    49. Joe Kay


    50. Animelytical

      Charly is *SPECIAL*

    51. Bibek Limbu

      why are they stil talking about clippers when they choked

    52. Ajay Nair

      Best scoring back court? What seriously what happen to Lillard and McCollum?

    53. Joyce Amoako

      Serge ibaka can shoot and block shots unlike montrezl who can't shoot

    54. Jimmy1of1

      Harden and Russ were the highest scoring backcourt in NBA History this past season lmao

    55. Tal Kim

      Kendrick “the question was what was the biggest signing?” On the screen it literally said “Most important move this offseason” Why is Kendrick talking? Lmao this duddddeeee

    56. Exire Zuterk

      montrezl harrell ain’t shits

    57. J temps

      Perk saying 'we' when describing the Lakers. Don't forget perk you was a Celtic. And we HATE the Lakers, and everything they stand for! Remember dat

    58. ashutosh

      0:02 What happened there Perk? 💀💀

    59. Jamirimaj

      Charly should annoy these dudes like what she's doing on WWE superstars lol

    60. jasyn zangari

      Harrell comes up massively short in the bubble, but now hes a great add to a team that already ok

    61. Mana Hope

      1:37 I quit my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    62. KingandQueen 2019

      Kendrick start smiling and the smiling stopped quickly lol

    63. Jorge Carlos Torres Dobarro

      KP : "The question was who was the most important signing max not the most important move" ESPN BANNER: "MOST IMPORTANT MOVE THIS OFFSEASON" I swear you cant make this stuff up

    64. Eugene Mangune

      The most important signing of the offseason is lebron going to the lakers. hahahha.

    65. Claim Attacol

      Is perks on drugs I think somebody need to take him to psychiatric hospital. Montreal Better than bogdanovic Jrue holiday Gordon Hayward Chris Paul It looks like he’s payed to say good things about lakersand lebron

    66. Justin Whalen

      “The Los Angeles ugh ugh.... the Los Angeles” 2:46 Kendrick Perkins 2020

    67. ebon curry

      Imagine passing up 80 mill to championship worthy team just to go to an already championship team.

    68. liттlelosiто

      Im just here for Charly 😍

    69. Xavier Charles

      3 Things, respect to you "REAL" laker fans, that stuck it before Lebron came, and after Kobe left 2. F- You fake fans screaming Laker Nation, can't stand riders, learn to ride for your team 3. Montrezz just joined the enemy ..that's cool ? remember they got on KD ? fake people ... Your excuse was that the warriors were a 70ish win team ...but they were all draft talent that built skills's crazy how Ray Allen joined Miami it was cool ..this dude comes to The Lakers it's cool ...When KD left ..he's joining the enemy ? HA HA HA HA LoL I'm done with the NBA

    70. Urbain Delva

      Monterzl Harrell was a huge addition for the Lakers, but if you take a deeper look, Ibaka probably would've given them a bit more on both ends. Also, Perk answered the wrong question.

    71. Miyuki

      Schroeder is better than trez so how can trez be the biggest

    72. Abel Fisseha

      Giannis is talking with the rockets.

    73. tranvai thanhxuanphong

      paulharrell amazon katebush wwetop10 cartersharer yankees barney

    74. Ballinsince 92

      They make harell seem like he is something he is just another role player that’s all and his value will be so much low and will keep getting lower at the lakers believe that

    75. mutant way

      Jru Holiday signing is the best signing.

    76. Guti Konga

      "A wack point". Max gets nasty most times

    77. GoHorns

      I feel like Kendrick hasn't evolved yet as a human. I'm sure he gets exited about shiny things.

    78. Ajay jimenez

      Why does this guy have a job , trezz is not a top player 😂😂what a joke

    79. petar pavic

      Jokic will destroy harrell and gasol

    80. Treyfive live

      max face kills me LMAO

    81. Mike Kim

      Omg how does Perk have this job?

    82. DITR86

      Perk's gotta start reading the screen before he corrects someone on the topic lbvs

    83. Nito Shadow

      im tired of them d eating the lakers yes they had good off season but like y'all look for any reason to talk about them

    84. brs rafal

      Ibaka deff better then harril can't even compare. I think Lakers need another big guy

    85. Leonard Lero

      Like this video because SAS isn’t there

    86. soulstice99

      And why is it best? Because LeBron plays for the Lakers. If he didn't, it's a non story

    87. ReallyNotMateo

      how you steal a player another team aint want

    88. daniel figueroa

      Lakers didn’t convince Harrell, clippers just didn’t want him - period. Stop the false narrative that Lakers snatched him away. Clippers eyes were set on Ibaka and resigning Morris. Perk will be Perk.

    89. LazerC4

      To me Ibaka is a good player in spurts, but I have not seen him play consistently well for a while. Harrell has been solid, with less overall offensive skill, but greater toughness and intangibles.

    90. From Rookie 2 Pro

      The question CLEARLY says Most Important Move but ok perk

    91. Eddie Roche

      Biggest move this off season was Daryl Morley taking over basketball operations for the Sixers IMO

    92. B G

      Kendrick Perkins looks like Matt form Wii Sports

    93. Jason Au

      Get this man OFF TELEVISION.

    94. Ermanno Sorricchio di Valforte

      perk is trippin' ibaka is bigger, stronger, shoots better, defends better, rebounds better and blocks shots better, than trez

    95. GenieKid

      Montrezl sniffing that LeBron cake turning down Jordan; mark my words, there will be drama in L.A. if Montrezl doesn't get what LeBron and Rich Paul cookin'

    96. Genxtasy 99

      Perk stumbling his words

    97. David Lin

      Lmfao signing a reject center that got exposed in the playoffs is the 'BEST SIGNING RARWARA'

    98. Carlo Rebebes

      Bucks just don't have enough pieces to compete. They traded a lot for jrue

    99. Ghigareda01

      I remember when max was on laker radio and he never once talked bad about the lakers now he hates them lol!

    100. Marc Joseph Badua

      Bench perkins