How LeBron changed his game to dominate into his late 30s | NBA on ESPN


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    ESPN analyst Kirk Goldsberry explains how LeBron James changed his game to extend his reign on the throne into his late 30s. James' shot selection and assists powered the Los Angeles Lakers to their 17th trophy in the 2020 NBA Finals.
    CORRECTION: LeBron James is the second-oldest Finals MVP. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was 38 in 1985.
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    1. Tony Wong

      King of travelling

    2. Digigod Digimon Gamer

      its going to be a sad day when Bron retires man oh man

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    4. Tyson Patten

      long story short: hall of fame dimer

    5. Spark Tube

      Erase defense so you can put that numbers


      Greatest of all time Appreciate greatness while he is in the league and who knows we might even get bonny to play against Bron one day

    7. Hayden Hattenbach

      only espn makes lebron being lazy sound like a good thing

    8. arcane reinz

      I’ve always excelled at moving slow.

    9. antwan1357

      James isn't a phenomenal passer he is the best passer that has ever existed period.

    10. Ol Goat

      4:02 lol

      1. Ftl Rig

        He was really into it to haha

    11. Calvin Somsel

      Execpt his freethrows %

    12. Troy ComptonSr

      LeBron is the GOAT!!!!!!

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      Key to today's success is adopting to your environment .👑

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      Lebron is superior to Jordan

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    21. TheTinminator

      Bonz wants to be able to play with his son a year or two toegether

      1. nicebagel

        i hope his kid is good enough to make a roster

    22. Labadarios Simon

      Steroids 👀

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    24. Jomel Capoquian

      He was born Basketball God.

    25. Sword Warriors

      also there is no great rim protectors anymore due to small ball

    26. Sword Warriors

      bring back the hand checking rule. even these highlights show that defenders are scared to get steals.

    27. Cameron Winters

      2018 Lebron or lakers Lebron now

    28. water melon

      How is he dominating? Last time i checked he was not on top 10😆

    29. weakweek85

      35 is mid thirties, not late

    30. Jay Jay

      The "Ancient" King LeGoat🐐

    31. Tha NightWolf

      How LeBron asked for more help in his 30s ..

    32. Joel Kinqq

      Show this Clip to skip bayless please 😂😂😂

    33. Michael Allen

      This easy answer . Recruit other superstars to ur team

      1. Xraider

        Isn't that what KD just did too? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    34. Mr All-Purpose

      I think its the norm these days look at Brady at 43 yrs old in playoffs.. It sounds good but I think alot of Athletes will play longer these days...He hasnt had any major injuries either. Durant like 3 yrs younger then Lebron..and he prob will play until 38 with a major injury in his career.. The only thing Lebron did in his last 5 years is actually attemp to learn some

    35. Kevin Crateman

      the bubble wasnt real. there'll always be a asterisk on that title....even this year is not a real season

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    39. It's only Me

      I think your wrong, Steph Curry has changed the league more than lebron, Steph literally has gotten guys indirectly sacked because they can't shoot the 3.Teams don't want big tanks down on the block anymore, unless they can shoot 30% better at 3 pointers. All NBA is now how many 3s can i jack up and make and play decent defense down the other end and hopefully that will win the game.

    40. Don

      Magic Johnson was on the verge of doing what LeBron did until HIV took that away

    41. MrSehen7

      2:14 Kouz shoving LeBron

    42. BardockThaRawest

      Bald Bron is the final transformation

    43. Gerald

      I still think LBJ is top 3 when it comes to being the most valuable player on his team, but I'm sorry, I don't buy what they're saying. Yes, it's true, I don't expect him to be the same guy on offense and defense that he was 17 years ago or even 5 years ago. The guy has played how many extra seasons just from playoff runs alone?! I expect him to rest while on the floor in spurts whenever he can in order to conserve his energy (he wanted and got AD for a reason). However, there are 3 things that I don't like about his game that they never even considered: 1. How much time he wastes standing at the 3pt line dribbling out the clock for no reason. 2. How much time he wastes standing in the paint while his opponent is standing further away at the 3pt line (illegal defense never gets called). 3. How much time he wastes standing on the other side of the court complaining about a missed call (while everyone else is running down the floor). I just wish that they sit him more so he can rest completely. Hopefully, having Dennis Schroder will allow him to rest on the bench so they can reduce his minutes and save his legs/energy for another playoff run!

    44. E B

      Mid 30's***** dont make me feel older than I am please

    45. #MMS #MZY #MGod $ensei

      Steroids. Whem he retires its going to all come out

      1. #MMS #MZY #MGod $ensei

        @Xraider i didnt mean exactly roids... its 2021 not the 90s or early 2000s no more. Im sure roids have come along way

      2. Xraider

        Except if it was roids his body would've deteriorated by now....

    46. Kurtsindahouse

      Yo these analytics are next level

    47. The god of facts

      If y'all mid checking my video about Lebron out it would be very appreciated.

    48. peterson thatboy

      His a beast

    49. Sam Foriphone

      Bro Dwight at 4:01

    50. Ray Luo

      Love this video! Very convincing! A minor error, though: the oldest finals mvp was Abdul-Jabbar at 38 years old in 1985

    51. christian tan

      he is brains and bron man

    52. TX Z

      He will only retire when he gets the most points in nba history

      1. Melo TV

        Probably so

    53. Somona Aktar

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    54. C.J. Lee

      4:58 poor kid tried to defend..

    55. Sher Lock

      At 5:00, isn't it foul

    56. aaron hines

      Also has different teammates

      1. Jayden Lee


    57. The Reaper

      4:58 dont be a Hero 🤣🤣

    58. Mamorou Takamura

      how Lebron the self proclaimed GOAT improved his recruitment ability to dominate the game into his late 30s!?????????

      1. Jayden Lee

        @Mamorou Takamura fine

      2. Mamorou Takamura

        @Jayden Lee nah, you're just a casual one player fan of the NBA. As i said true hoopers understands it. No hate just fact!

      3. Jayden Lee

        @Mamorou Takamura it’s not facts, lebron never called himself the goat, and this Video tells you how lebron is still so dominant. So yeah not facts, hate

      4. Mamorou Takamura

        @Jayden Lee nah! You're just insisting that i'm hating bruh. Fact is fact dont confused yourself.

      5. Jayden Lee

        Mamorou Takamura naw your hating

    59. zheng jiao

      just like MJ

    60. yonathan even-shani

      3rd in my top 10 of all time. A 🐐

    61. CORPS NOVA

      Summary of the video:shoot more 3s, drive less

    62. Rachelle Anne Aturdido

      In short, lbj just playing smart

    63. Durand Peavley

      Still makin it look easy

    64. Matthew Dave

      I just wondered...we could've been saying the same about Kobe if not for his Achilles. i remember vividly the memes when they were comparing Timmy and Kobe's game as they aged. it was kinda unfair since they judged it post 2013 just when Tim made another Finals run (back2back) and Kobe missing a lot of games due to piling injuries... not hating on any player. I love all three. but i hate people who makes judgement without context

    65. Henry Cooper

      Bro. Kareem is the oldest finals mvp in history....he was 38. Lebrun CAN break that. But didn’t....yet.

    66. Megan Mattson

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    67. keith warren

      He is not the best player in the world. He is the best at recruiting superstar teammates. That’s why his assist always going up because he is relying on his teammates.

      1. keith warren

        Jayden Lee lol AD brought the pelicans in every playoffs season while Lebron cant even bring his lakers into the playoffs without a superstar teammates.

      2. Jayden Lee

        @keith warren and what has the pelicans done when AD was over there? He goes and plays with lebron and he suddenly plays the best he ever did? AD might look better in stats but stats don’t tell the whole story

      3. Jayden Lee

        @keith warren lebron has one bad season and you guys keep using that to downgrade him. Lebron has made a career of carrying his team to the finals. The reason he doesn’t always win a championship is because lebron is just one guy and basketball is a team sport. Ain’t nothing wrong with wanting some more firepower. I swear lebron is the only one that’s not allowed to have good teammates behind him. You guys always knock him for that.

      4. keith warren

        Jayden Lee yes. How can he be the best if he is not the best player on his team? AD is the best player in Lakers. He cant win a ring last finals without AD. He cant even bring his team into the playoffs without a superstar teammates.

      5. Jayden Lee

        So because he got a solid team now means he can’t be the best?

    68. carlito villas

      James IS THE GOAT NO more NO LESS

    69. s h

      the people who disliked this video are paul pierce fans.

    70. CHARLZ4445


    71. lienel lee

      5:00 Herro got murked LOOOOL

    72. Vanderoz

      He is versatile and the 3pt era will help him play until 40.

    73. audbhitnote

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    74. 94thousand

      @2:18 the block on Herro lol

    75. Suhaan Nagpal

      *7:08* he slightly moves his foot twice

    76. Rogelio Barraza

      Yo, imagine Bron at age 27 in his prime with his current IQ and experience he’s accumulated. 🤯

      1. Anythings Possible

        It wouldn’t have been fairrrr bro 😫‼️

      2. Adrian Reyes

        All your take plus Bron in Lakers with Vogel and Davis his side man oh man

      3. skryttty

        imagine 2009-10 MVP lebron james, with his current body size, iq and the experience hes accumulated, he would be x2 BETTER.

    77. The3pleThreat

      This is exactly how Barca are using Messi, deliberately instructing him to move less when away from action to conserve energy when its pointless. That's how he has energy to guard opposition best players down stretch in playoffs and enough explosion on the offensive end.

    78. Troll Anonymously

      Changed his game? It's mostly HGH and rules that don't let defenders arm check or body you, but OK.

      1. Jayden Lee

        5:00 that looks like a body

    79. Aaron Long

      Why are we talking about LeBron standing around watching the action like it's a good thing? Remember when we used to praise players for hustle, for doing their utmost to help their team win? Remember when making a 3-pointer was actually difficult, because the defense wasn't forbidden from touching you? That's why threes have become a shot everyone needs to develop, instead of being the exclusive province of catch-and shoot wing players, because by pre-2004 standards, every 3 point shot is open.

    80. Vecci

      he still has 3-5 yrs left in him

    81. Chris Glover

      When there’s no competition during COVID-19, I guess it’s really a struggle.

      1. Jayden Lee

        You act like it’s bron’s fault

    82. Juan Mercado

      Lebroid James

    83. Internet Bully

      Can’t even hate LeBron is great. Definitely top 5

    84. Chip Douglas

      36 isn't late 30's it's middle

      1. Chip Douglas

        Wasn't Jordan finals mvp at 35?

    85. Blast

      4:57 Bro this is why people hate lebron

      1. Jayden Lee

        What’s wrong with that?

    86. Dorian Johnson

      But when harden load manages during games hes lazy

    87. Jay Marion Bacuetes

      great lebron.. ,👍 this video..

    88. Jose 713

      kareem was fmvp in 1985 at age 37 lebron was fmvp in 2020 at age 35 kareem is the oldest fmvp

    89. Retro Soul

      The disrespect to past legends is sad. Kareem Abdul Jabbur won the FInals MVP at 38. Also Jordan won it at 35 too. Spreading misinformation to push an agenda.

    90. Amy Zheng

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    91. Philip McAtee Jr


    92. Taowalaya

      you dont need to move fast if YOUR ALREADY WHERE YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE!

    93. ramzi ramzi

      Michael Jordan He was a Monster at 35-year-old and won the championship so..😏😒

      1. Jayden Lee

        Did lebron not win too?

    94. selegna coresor

      efficient shooting - less effort - less energy - least chance to acquire injury.

      1. David Freeman

        Wait are you saying that efficient shooting causes leads to less effort? Or this a list of reasons that he’s reduced injury risk?

    95. jetrob red

      hail to the king

    96. Hansel Finn

      4:59 turbo on

    97. Hansel Finn

      At this pace retire at 42 can happened

    98. charlie kim


    99. Steven Barry

      He actually shoot threes now

    100. Steven Barry

      He actually shoot threes now