Stephen A. gives his No. 1 reason that James Harden should want to play for the Nets | First Take


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    Stephen A. Smith says he is happy that DeMarcus "Boogie" Cousins is signing with the Houston Rockets and argues that James Harden should want to play for the Brooklyn Nets over the Philadelphia 76ers.
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    1. Marvin Wofford

      We shall see now!


      New York Giants have 2 Super Bowls Max in the 2000s

    3. Ash Lilburne

      As a Celtic fan, there is nothing id like more than Harden to join either the Nets or 76ers

    4. Maceo Scott


    5. KingCars0n

      If Lebron can beat this 2016 Warriors, it don’t matter who put on a team, I wouldn’t bet against him

    6. Andre Collins

      Harden to the nets would be a sloppy trade. To many of them are going to want the ball more.

    7. walter hank


    8. gregory parker

      Stephen a juat be saying anything he just said russ and harden dont wanna play with each other which was a lie

    9. frank da tank

      Why are they so sure Harden will go to the nets when they aren’t even in trade discussions and rockets just signed wood and cousins...?

    10. Henry Wigfall

      We miss u Stephen A. Get back on your bully! New York City.

    11. James Powell

      Watch u mouth

    12. ssandroAle gesBor

      BKN should throw Dinwiddie, Prince, Tyler Johnson and like 3 future firsts and like 3 Second round picks (future or not).

    13. james white

      Nets shouldn't want harden. They don't need him. They need to keep what they have. They have a very solid team. Rockets need to trade Harden to the Sixers

    14. travis K

      Would be very intriguing if James goes to Brooklyn. However, no one is beating LeBron or the Lakers next year and possibly the year after. LeBron and la looked very good these last playoffs.

    15. mike school

      NEW YAWK!

    16. sachin jain

      Stop trying to force this SAS. This isn’t happening and most people don’t want it to happen. Including Nets fans

    17. Denireo Williams

      When you look at Lebron and those boys

    18. Jay Fxndi

      Go boogie.

    19. Fonso Juice

      Stephen a so soft after kd momma pressed him what happened to weakest move you ever seen by a super star?😂

    20. Eldred Benn

      Man you crazy Kevin Durant kyrie garbage ,the only way they got ah ring kyrie cause LeBron Durant cause of Curry let's get real.....

    21. William Baumert

      He's not a free agent! Jesus espn

    22. Theo Sofianos

      They put Dwight Howard starting at PF lol

    23. Kobe & Hazzel Furness

      Shrader is under-rated

    24. MicDubTV

      A title is a title, but if Harden was to win a chip in Philly, it would be much greater for his legacy than if he won one in Brooklyn.

    25. Jorge Miguel Milano

      Westbrook, Harden, and Durant --> Did kinda work Durant & Westbrook --> Worked for a while Harden & Westbrook --> Tragic Durant & Harden --> 2020-ish outcome

    26. Thien Truong

      Nah. Harden is overhyped. You can’t win a chip with Harden on the team.

    27. Eronita Costa

      I don't remember this episode of Kitchen Nightmares

    28. Derek Boston

      My dawg said shrater

    29. T U

      That would be the team with the most burner Twitter accounts per person

    30. BILLZ

      Shoutout to asac schrader

    31. Juju

      He’s really pushing for this trade😑

    32. Rocky Mortensen

      Love how fcking dumb Stephen is and how trash harden is. He will never have nba ring. He has a shitty team

    33. SarpanchLab

      Absolutely no one: Max: Brooklyn Is a very nice place! EVEVRYONES NAME IS BROOKLYN!!

    34. mvang9

      Why???? Who's going to have the ball??????? These are all high usage players... makes no sense Stephen clown Smith.

    35. Ricky Lesmana

      Lol. kyrie is definitely not at a Steph curry level. Lets see.

    36. Mr.BBeast

      I do not think that the Lakers are better this year than last year, especially on the defensive end.

    37. TSMulaa

      I hate wen ppl try to compare what kd did to bron goin to heat wen bron left to Miami the team was garbage kd went to 73-9 warriors teams it’s not the same simple 😂


      “And not to say that the Knicks have given us any reason to cause we know better” 🥲 KNICKS TAKING IT THIS YEAR

    39. jane nitemarre


    40. Donovan Anderson

      Heat could do it too wit giannas

    41. SetTrender

      SAA want New York to relevant again so bad dummy😂

    42. Citrusenze

      Schrader 😹😹😹😹🤣🤣

    43. Quamine Glaude

      I believe the nets can do this

    44. Kenneth Oliver

      Kyrie will be the 3rd wheel. I have never seen an NBA player with a recovered achilles play back to their regular standard, hope KD will be able to play at least 80% of what he once was.. Kyrie is a chemistry breaker on any team! This will not work out.

    45. Curtis Thomas

      I disagree with Stephen A Assessment. With Christian Wood and Demarcus Cousin. Thats makes houston just as good as the lakers. Now offense has to change from James Harden dominating the ball need someone to share the ball around.

    46. macnolds

      Philly is a waaaaay better fit than Jersey. The Nets would have three ball dominant guys, whereas Philly would provide a cadre of good players with complementary skillsets (after trading Simmons, of course). Harden's triple threat game would get even deadlier if he gained the added option of dishing to Embiid. Plus, Philly is loaded with shooters and has Morey at the helm. That's a style Harden is accustomed to and loves. Harden COULD do well in Jersey, just based on star talent alone, but considering how important chemistry is to championship success, I find it unlikely. Remember, Harden couldn't get along with Capela, Howard, Paul, or Westbrook. There is no guarantee he will work well woth others, and Kyrie is really hard to get along with.

    47. kenny198807

      Denver has a shot a Harden right?

    48. C Clem

      James Harden just sucks!

    49. Fritz Jones Investing

      Kyrie,KD, and Harden are not leaders

    50. Fritz Jones Investing

      Lebron >KD

    51. Fritz Jones Investing

      Not enough basketballs for Kyrie, KD and Harden

    52. Man Xue

      This is an easy career to be espn spokesman

    53. showdonz

      This is a joke

    54. Kero Abdel Sayed

      In wat world does Houston need to trade Harden? they have him locked up for 2 more years and then a player option on the 3rd... he clearly is running out of time to sit out a season of his prime, so why not jus get him the right pieces to help him try and win for the next two years and hope he stays on the third, instd of trading away an all time player for way less than he is worth

    55. Fred J2

      Kd will win a yearsafter this years because of injury, it take 2 years to recover from his injury

    56. BigBoi

      I think this trade is dead lol why are they still talking about this

    57. Thad Taylor

      These were some of the worst takes by Stephen A I’ve ever heard

    58. OG Cutta

      Stephen A Smith a hypocrite mad at LeBron for starting the big three said Kevin Durant did the weakest move the going to Golden State but you want James Harden to go play with Kyrie& Kd you the definition of a hypocrite

    59. Getmoney Pooh

      He not going nowhere

    60. Jaylin Walker

      Who else know Avery Bradley got a ring without playin cause he scary

    61. Michael Ashton

      You guys dont get it. The media wants and pushes for players to build these super teams because it's a easy job for them to talk about a sport where they have these short term dynasties. Lebron is set yall ain't beating him till he retires. Only the Golden State Warriors stand a chance and that's because they get handouts every other year.

    62. Antoine Rogers

      Harden need to just sign that extension...aint nobody beating Lebron idc who they got...Lakers reloaded something crazy

    63. Drew Duenas


    64. Who Iz Hee

      If boogie healthy. Your bugging tf out if Rockets can’t compete. Especially if Russ accept a traditional passing point guard roll it’s over lowkey but they gotta run into the king and Prince AD

    65. Arthur

      Where was this energy when Durant joined gws cause it’s almost the same thing

    66. MentalWisdom

      Oh great so another super team smh.


      Kyrie , Harden & KD = NOOOOOOOOO DEFENSE . & I'll even give KD props for attempting to play D. But Kyrie & Harden are freeway .

    68. Glenn Carlson

      “ expect “ the same 👋

    69. Rodrigo Soares

      The NBA is sooooooo boring. Today fella superstars players just unite in one squad to win championships. There is no merit in doing that.

      1. Warren Mazengwe

        NBA is the most generic league of all of pro sports. I have just beem loyal to it since the early 90's. I still haven't like what the league is doing since 2017 If it wasn't fro the Warriors I would have ditched basketball in 2012-13. And if it wasn't for the Spurs, I would have stopped 2010. The Lebron decision created a irreparable domino effect on the style and quality of basketball. It was just that the longevity of the stas from 1996 draft through Lebron's class kept it kind of interesting. But as more of them retired, the more this league got exposed for what it is.

    70. No Ceiling LC

      Imagine Harden joins Steph and Klay! Subscribe to our channel.

    71. SportsSpeak73

      First of all Stephen A, Brooklyn wouldnt have a big 3. There's no package I can see Houston accepting that doesn't include Kyrie Irving

    72. Regie Bautista Arts

      He should play for the sacramento Kings

    73. Curt Nasty

      Trading kyrie for harden

    74. Miles Rome

      Healthy Warriors definitely take a series with this Lakers team.

      1. Warren Mazengwe

        Of course. Healthy Warriors is still taking primarily any combination of teams that can be put together because the basketball play has not improved at all but got worse. Most teams are good because of putting stars together, not complimentary pieces to make a whole.

    75. Trustyourself

      SAS just stop saying of better then bron, its just not true

    76. Yo곧휴가가

      Harden for Nets: Third wheel, deja vu of Thunder days with Irvin and KD. Except this time, Harden will take most blame if Nets dont produce results. Between KD and Irvin, Harden will have to limited ball shots, unlike Rockets days. Harden for Sixers: Win or lose, he will be treated as savior for taking closer role Sixers desperately needs since departure of Butler. Under great management from Doc and Morey, Harden will be under greater care. Harden can have similar luxury as Rockets days for ball shots, since Embiid or Simmons would actually prefer him do that.

    77. Mister Baiter

      Nets need to play with 3 basketballs if Harden goes there. One each for KD, Kyrie and Harden.

    78. george amaxopoulos

      Boogie Cousins was special in his prime. Sad that his prime was taken from him

      1. S. C.

        Hopefully he can bounce back. I hope he doesn’t end up like IT

    79. Swift Gigz

      SAS should not be getting people’s name wrong so much

    80. Michael Simmons

      Hardee can beat Denver Utah Dallas in his sleep he just can't be super teams lmao

      1. Michael Simmons

        Well James harden has beaten Denver in the playoffs courtesy of four to one and has beaten Utah four to one twice Dallas is a wild card though

      2. b gatty

        No way. Rockets would lose in 6 or 7 to all those teams. Harden goes quiet in the playoffs year after year. They don’t have what it takes.

    81. demnaydu motchutgio

      conan snow katyperry letsplay blooprint clc

    82. The Akatsuki Are Israelites

      Harden & KD Is Potential Championship. I Want Kyrie Gone If This Happen Because All 3 Not Gonna Work TBH

    83. Mura

      Stephen "having-said-all-of-that" A. Smith nobody wants a ball hog who wont defend aka Harden.

    84. Harrison

      James Harden is soft if he goes to Brooklyn I’m sorry. I mean he’s already soft for all his playoff meltdowns but that’s neither here nor there

    85. J B

      KD ain't on no clock he hasn't played one game in a nets jersey chill out

    86. Royalty

      He just wants to ring chance

    87. Nicholas Blake

      harden needs to leave the rockets they cant compete in the west anymore he also needs to understand that he is not a number 1 guy on a title team hes not a good enough leader period !

    88. Odell Williams

      James Harden is a liability to any team that trade for him.. He will have change his style of play that has given him a false sense his value. He will not be the top Alpha dog , there are 2 more great players that will not allow him to be the top dog

    89. Don Deal

      I like harden in Philly as well

    90. Zachary Hurley

      Nobody wants to see harden on the nets. Brooklyn's depth is insane already..They don't need James harden. They're better off without him

    91. Ryan Ostendorf

      Lol “if you consider AD a big” what else would he be Max

    92. Ronald McZee

      Harden goes too Brooklyn they will be in Eastern conference finals

    93. Andrew Todd

      Lakers would slap the Nets with Harden and I'm not even a LeBron fan. But Nets would give up their bench and their next 3 years of picks. Would be a waste, and they would lose. We don't even know if K.D. is helping. All Stars don't want to play with Harden, and it's clear why.

    94. MastermindRell

      Harden to 76ers i like that

    95. Timber Ho

      So how is harden a transcendent player again?

    96. Jonathan

      Who cares? Luka is the best player in the league.

    97. Tom

      this guy i could give you 5

    98. Sauce Castillo

      @3:03, SAS said "this is ny, we expect stuff", what do they expect? High lottery picks? Being able to book summer vacations that start in April? 🤣🤣🤣

    99. Kenneth Zell

      Sixers need Harden to take the next level

    100. Jeremy Morris

      Lol SAS knows deep down he wants Harden on the Knicks😅