'You've got to be aggressive!' - Stephen A. on LaMelo Ball to the Hornets | First Take


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    Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Jay Williams weigh in on whether Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets made the right choice by drafting LaMelo Ball with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.
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    1. Kim Jonghyun

      Melo cares bout his stats Stephen A 💪🏽😂

    2. TheAirCombs

      This is the first time I've ever watched this many charlotte games ever and I'm a huge basketball fan. This kid is special and these clowns are reaching for future embarrassment / apologies.

    3. Phillip Murphy

      This is y I like Stephen a smith

    4. KJ Smith

      Lamelo is a great player he shot is good yeah he probably need to adjust to the NBA but I believe he’ll accomplish A lot

    5. TooMuch

      How can you criticize Lavar about D'Aaron Fox getting the best of Lonzo?.....not to mention not knowing if his mom was going to survive while playing the game smh.....the true colors of people come out and makes them look horrible

    6. Team Kadima

      best moment in sports

    7. Angela Dawson

      The kid scored 92 fckn points in highschool . I'm sure he will be aggressive in the league

    8. Jeffrey Youngblood

      Going to go out on a limb and say Lamelo going to be a bust. Michael Beasley 2.0

    9. Rosalinda De la O

      They're heavy bodies maybe more scorer

    10. Robbie T

      Me personally would not have picked Mello Not of his Skill but additude and media life ect. But i hope he dose good, And hope Lavarr wont do him like Lonzo sneakdissing all the allstars and paint a bullseye on his back. But i think Melo wont allow it....he the only1 of the 3 who is not afraid of Lavarr (the youngest one always like that)

    11. Elwanda Hearns

      Can’t wait to see LaMelo eat then hear all these clowns claim they had faith in him from the start. Sounds like all doubt rn

    12. revolucionador

      Why do we pay millions for just passer is that what NBA has become a league of subpar players.

    13. Yariel Morales

      First round Lottery picks are not supposed to be decade defining franchise players, just the best to fit the categories to teams. Lets slowww down...He has already played with grown agressive men and had success. Hes already a good choice, he needs to do what he is best at and what the team would require of him. Because of that bs they talk about lonzo like hes a bust and not a great point guard

    14. Tim Trainsong

      melo is half the player lonzo is

    15. Diego 300

      Bro Melo’s gonna be niiiice

    16. fanny Rodriguez

      Yeah you must've not have watched Melo play. He ain't afraid to shoot lol

    17. Avery Thompkins

      turn from your sins and believe in Jesus Christ and be baptized in THE NAME of THE FATHER, THE SON and THE HOLY SPIRIT if you haven’t already before CHRIST returns or before you die LORD Willing

    18. Verona Jones7

      I got 5btc through hackertony1 on telegram is the best and trustworthy person 🤑

    19. O.G. 1Love

      Jay W knows wassup 🙏

    20. Alpha Mohamed Kebe

      Lonzo is the only one out of those brothers that is fast and athletic, why do people say he's not.

    21. Onassis_88

      Jay Will u was a bust your opinion don’t matter

    22. Onassis_88


    23. Gavin Thompson

      I'm just happy we're gonna fill some seats at home, finally I won't be alone being loud

    24. Angel Pagan

      Stephen A Smith acts like he's God of basketball like he knows everything Stephen A Smith is full of BS overpaid Sports critic all he has his opinion like everyone else his opinion don't mean more than anyone else I can't stand this dude

    25. GM7

      If you think Melo doesn’t care about his numbers you clearly don’t know how the Ball family works....LaVar has cooked Melo and his other sons for not producing ideal numbers....especially with Melo, so you KNOW Melo is going to do his BEST to show out🔥🙏🏼

    26. GM7

      Funny how before it was “LaMelo will never make the NBA” now it’s “LaMelo won’t succeed in the NBA” 😂 yea aight🙏🏼

    27. JADiaz10

      LaMelo will not be that good. Could be better than his brother but nowhere near an All Star

    28. Cesar Zapata

      Stephen A Smith You're not wrong and what you're saying but you're wrong and here's why

    29. Jessie-May Pellatt

      He scored 92 point when he was in high school that’s more than what Devin Booker score in the league, I’m pretty sure that he will be aggressive enough when playing !

    30. A Child Called It

      "Youre not wrong i just disagree with you and let me tell you why"

    31. Jakecaseyy

      He going to be so freaking bad 😂😂

    32. Coach

      I’d kill to see lavar shoot a basketball

    33. Mhsb Nsih

      "his kids arent A+ athletes in terms of their explosiveness" -sees zo's college tape -ur wrong and heres why

    34. Carlitos C

      Cant believe these dudes make money just for judging on how nba players are they never made it to the league what room do they have to talk about these nba players

    35. konspiracybrotha

      Go watch the "Curious case of LaMelo Ball", sure Melo has a ton of potential upside, and that's mostly due to age, size and playmaking ability, which in today's NBA is a valuable asset. But objectively the mechanics in his shot were/are trash which is quite disturbing like Kyle Mann said in his breakdown. He JUST learned to be set shooter last year. HOW SWAY? Idgaf about his family let's talk hoops, niggas talking bout his smile smfh.

    36. Tyres Jenkins

      Facts he box office seriously

    37. Franchise Sapa

      Steven A has never played professionally to be giving advice

    38. Mr Turkey Bacon

      Why are we talking about laver? 🤣

    39. Vucko X

      When does Season starts?

    40. john williams

      Lonzo balled out this year with Zion n his shot was falling

    41. Zyier’s Lifestyle

      Can we unban lavar ???

    42. Akshay Varma

      Ban Stephan A!

    43. AC

      It’s obvious that Stephen A doesn’t know anything about Melo. This dude shoots half court shots in a middle of a game. His confidence level is higher than guys like Dion Waiters and Tyler Herro for sure.

    44. Jay Money

      Lamelo is the 🐐

    45. Austin

      I bet Melo signs with BBB.....

    46. RealestMotherfucker

      Youre telling a kid who once scored 92 to be aggressive lol. LaMelo has toned down his game by so much to show the maturity of his game. He used to only think about scoring despite his natural passing ability.

    47. Ghost Players

      The kid scored 92 fckn points in highschool . I'm sure he will be aggressive in the league

    48. Bryan Lafontaine

      Smith is an annoying blowhard.

    49. The Haitian Way

      Max, Lonzo is actually fast and athletic

    50. DeShawn Smith

      Lonzo is low-key just as fast with the ball in his hands in transition as anybody in the league

    51. Zak Cline


    52. Li Hua Liu

      Melo can shoot he just need better shot selections

    53. [made wavy]

      Lamelo only 19 and make no mistake about it Stephen A has known the brother for over 20 years

    54. Moises Carmelo

      Gelo the only one with a good shot form

    55. The Basketball Historian

      Level 1 = You're wrong and here's why... Level 2 = You're not wrong, but I disagree with you and here's why... lol

    56. cynical

      I really hope we can actually see Lamelo play unlike Zion last year :/

    57. Deven Mccullough

      Rookies will struggle because of Covid and ppl will start writing them off early.

    58. San Fran

      No, no... you don't get it. That guy is a ball hog.

    59. Kwe T.V

      He going to be a burst

    60. Levi38115

      Check my page out 💯

    61. Chris Johnson

      Melo shot isn’t funky 🤷🏽‍♂️

    62. Animelytical

      LaMelo Ball + Gordan Hayward could be a legit backcourt

      1. claude villamor

        You’re not wrong my guy

    63. TripleMoya Games

      Melo is the best of the 3. He's a playmaker, just wait and see

    64. John Ball

      Melo is not Lonzo y’all know nothing about them boy

    65. Kobe

      i support the ball family

    66. PK

      Stephen A..............shut up ya stupid Muppet

    67. Dan Marco

      Kid is gonna be phenomanal.. !👌👌way more polished than his older brother

    68. Luka Lovric

      Players who care about stats are not good players. Team wins.

    69. Titan Segundera 2.0


    70. Big Dawg


    71. mrpzpdx

      Cant shoot a 3 can’t attack the rim can’t shoot a jump shot and he doesn’t have good fundamentals on defense. He can pass but what else? He’s young though so there’s hope. I’ll be crossing my fingers for him and the Hornets.

    72. Makyah

      LaMelo: has grown up, tall, listens to coach, mature, controls his anger Julian: still acts like a little kid, short, curses at his coach(dad), show off, lashes out at tons of his games


      Liangalo ball🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    74. Slow jams Hudson

      Ball is way overrated he’s solid with some upside but he’s not a franchise player he’s a good complimentary piece to a superstar if they add one

    75. Don't give in

      Give him time and he will become what you guys aspire him to be or become at an early stage of his career he will eventually get there watch

    76. IAmYoungK 5280


    77. IAmYoungK 5280

      Had to commeng

    78. J Breeze

      Im a wolves fan and I already know Edwards a bust. We just went through it with wiggins (who was a much better prospect) LaMelo is box office and our stadiums are never more than 25% full. Who would wanna win with nobody behind them?

    79. 907 gonefishin

      Not a plus cause they are average and hyped up by their dad.

    80. Taylor De Leon

      Max is right but Stephen A has a point

    81. 34 Guap

      Lamelo Might Be The Future He Got A Good Basketball IQ , He'll Be Alright With The Right People Around Him 🗣️💯✊🏾I Mean C'mon When Was The Last Time Charlotte Had A potential rookie of the year candidate I love this pick 🔐

    82. Eric Bodden

      He can’t shoot!!!!!!

    83. Micah Murray

      It seems like so many people have opinions on LaMelo and he hasn’t even played a single game in the NBA yet lol

    84. Jason Cafeo

      Hey its the 3 goofballs

    85. Marvin Jackson

      Why in the world does Stephen a have a “you’ve got to” anything in regards to Lamelo?? Lol give me a break dude.

    86. Adio Ash

      I said 2 years ago lamelo would be a top 5 pick and roll player if he was in the nba then.


      ""Stephen""A""""Max""Kellerman"" And ""Molly""Qerim"" ""Michael""Jeffrey""Jordan"" ""Did""MJ""Make""The""Right" "Choice""?"" ESPN "MJ""?" You know for yourself that the right choice is the "Best" choice! As In The Words Of The Late Great GEORGE STEINBRENNER Sr : 'WE'RE ONLY INTO BUYING TALENT!' MEANING REALLY: 'WE'RE ONLY INTO BUYING ALL-STARS!' TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR NOW!

    88. Water Melon Sugar High

      Melo is aggressive!!!! Idiots

    89. Paulo Bautista

      Im just waiting till these guys compliment him rather than bringing up his percetage in his shots

    90. Wayne Verhoff

      I'm pretty Hornets wanted Wiseman and then would have got Westbrook. They're one of the few teams who were interested.

    91. Wayne Verhoff

      Who's he going to screen and roll with lmao. Hornet have the worst front court in the league. They should have got Horford

    92. MM MM

      Lamelo gonna be a joke. MJ not good at picks lol

    93. Tyrell Hawkins

      He shouldn't have been a 3rd in the first round pick

    94. David Doroz

      What's he gonna make happen? 30% from three?

    95. monblanc noland

      SaS: I'm not saying you wrong I just don't agree with you ....... I think your wrong

    96. Eazy Baby

      “I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I’m just saying I don’t have the same opinion that you have on this particular issue“ 😂😂😂😂😂

    97. Clumsy08

      if he can work in his shot and contribute on defense he can go far in the league

    98. Abdullah

      Melo is such a great player if I’m honest.

      1. flytii

        yup. I was telling peeps last year when espn and sports talk had lamelo ranked around 17 - 25 in the draft. anyways, all the hoopers @ the park thought I was crazy when I said he should go #1 and @ least #3

    99. Cross

      didn't ppl think lonzo was a franchise player? what about zion? like can we see these players prove themselves first in the nba?

    100. Wehere323

      Stephen wrong tho cause Ben Simmons counter argues his whole argument